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Living with Purpose

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

What am I here to do?  What do I love?  What is my purpose in life?

Check out this 3 minute video by Kerwin Rae, as he explains it perfectly!

What is living with purpose?  Well it is doing what you LOVE, and where the MAGIC happens!  Now, some people know what their "thing" is.  However, many people don't know what their purpose is!

You sense your living with purpose when you're doing something that you enjoy so much, and time seems to fly by!  In this state, you can lose yourself in your thoughts, concentrating, dreaming and planning.  Better still, it's ideal when you can make a living out of doing something that you LOVE, as happiness and fulfillment will follow.  You've heard the saying before, "if your work is something that you LOVE, then you'll never work a day in your life".   Also if you're doing what you LOVE, you're often very good at it, and this places you in an ideal position to create success and opportunities to commercialize it.

For those who have discovered what their "thing" is, the next step is to figuring out how to make a living from it.  For some others, they may still need to discover their purpose in which the magic happens.  Reflective thinking, examination of where your skills and talents lie, and awareness of what and where you chose to spend your free time, are a combination of useful indicators.  Also, structured Life Coaching can help guide your mind and thoughts into areas, topics, questions and directions, that you may not of considered.   So if this article has left you with more questions than before you read it, be open minded to the concept of Life Coaching.  I am a qualified Life Coach and I offer a FREE session to anyone, either by telephone or face to face.  So if you're feeling lost in direction, experiencing change in life, are not feeling fulfilled and are ready to make that choice to explore more about "What is your purpose?"  Please reach out and connect with me.

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