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Kerrie Whitelaw

Amy Cochrane 

Zen Bodi 30 DAY Challenge Winners - JULY

Kerry Carlyon

"I have battled with my weight since childhood. I guess I became used to my size, believing that nothing worked long term, as this was my experience - lose weight, gain it back plus more. A vicious circle! So I think I gave up. Unless I found something that I could follow forever there was no point. Then I heard about Zen Project 8 from Kerry and went along to hear Mark Macdonald talk about it. Immediately what he said resonated with me. I started my new healthy way of life July 1st. Today is October 1st and I'm thrilled to have lost 22kg so far. With a major goal of 50 kg to lose, I set myself mini goals of 5kg and feel proud every time I achieve each mini goal. So far I have achieved 4 out of 10 with number 5 not far away. This time I know I'll get there! My thoughts around food and eating have changed. I now know why I used to crave dense carbs at 4pm in the afternoon when I'd finally get around to eating lunch. D'oh! Now that I eat a balanced Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate meal every three hours I am healing my metabolism and am on my way to a healthier me. My new mantra is something Mark said "Progress, not perfection." Instead of focusing on the end number, I take it one meal at a time. Seriously, give it a go -you won't look back! "

- Kerrie Whitelaw 

"These workouts helped improve my physical strength as well as my balance and flexibility. I feel stronger and healthier than ever. I have never felt or looked better and it is all thanks to Great Results Personal Training.”

- Amy Cochrane 

“Since starting Zen Project 8, I have more energy, increased muscle tone and dropped those last stubborn 4 or 5kg.   Zen Project 8 is a healthy lifestyle choice, focused on eating real food and learning how to nourish your body for optimal results.  To tone up my body, I needed to be getting the right amount of protein & amino acids for muscle development, which I had not previously been getting without the program.  I'm passionate to help others to become the healthiest version of themselves.  Great Results Personal Training offers personal support, which keeps you accountable and on track, giving you all the tools you need for permanent weight loss success.”

- Kerry Carlyon

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