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Nutrition & weight loss

What's is PFC every 3?

What're your favourite PROTEINS, CARBS and FATS??

"Mark Macdonald, the author of the NY Times bestseller Body Confidence", is the creator of ZEN Project 8 which focuses on stabilising blood sugars to create hormonal balance, once this happens, your body releases stored fat and burns it.   


How is this achieved?  It's as easy as eating PFC Every 3. PFC stands for the three main macronutrients — protein, fats, and carbs — and eating PFC means eating a balance of all three macronutrients every three hours". 


Forget about crazy fad diets that have you starving and only allowing you to eat for certain hours in the day or eliminating a major food group.  Ask yourself 3 things before you begin a health regime:  1. Is it backed by science? 2. Could you put a child on it?  3. Is it something you can do ongoingly?  If the answer isn't yes to all three, then it's a fad diet.


Anyone can do this program, even children can do this program, as PFC every 3 was how we fed as babies, straight from our mothers' milk. 


See real people with real results under the testimonial tab and ask me how you can TRIAL THIS PROGRAM!!  Join my Facebook Group - HEALTH & VITALITY for lots of nutritional tips, recipes, exercise routines you can do at home and all things health & wellness.  Click on the link below to request to join, I'd love sharing all my knowledge with others who are passionate about improving their health.

ZEN is LIFE changing & offers exceptional VALUE!


How does eating PFC every 3 help?

How can it End Yo-Yo Dieting Forever?

Why, How, What of Zen Project 8

Why, How, What of Zen Project 8

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ZEN Project 8™ is a simple weight management program, that uses education to create healthy habits, leading to a healthy lifestyle.  Over 8 weeks, you’ll be guided through 3 easy-to-follow phases, with premium ZEN products, expert coaching, and ongoing support, not only myself but a hugely active online community of like-minded participants. 


It’s easy to stay on track with the program, as you learn how to eat the foods you like, in the right portions at the right time.  Your body will be cleansed, sculpted and reprogramed, to be the healthiest version of you, leaner, stronger & energised.  ZEN Project 8 is the complete package, offering:  Simple. Realistic.  Results.

Ask me how to get the best price!

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