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5..4..3..2..1.. JUST DO IT!

Empower yourself to create your own future!

I watched this clip and it's a LIFE CHANGER, a real "Ahhh-Haaa" moment.

I'm making a big effort to share this, because I believe it will empower the individual, to take charge of themselves and where they want their own life to go.  Becoming aware of something is just the beginning, but often without a real tool to use, creating the change we're wanting can be very difficult.   Knowing what we should do to achieve our goals and breaking it down to small tasks, is step one, but action is needed to make it happen and often that's where we go wrong.  Procrastination, putting it off, using lots of excuses, keeps us stuck and feeling frustrated and annoyed.  This concept of counting down & JUST DO IT self talk, can make all the difference you need, to succeed with step two, ACTION, whatever your goal is.  

WHY is that???  Why do we not do, what we know we should?  Whether its got to do with losing weight, improving relationships, getting a job done we're avoiding, this clip explains the minds set that keeps us stuck.  Why we don't take the action, we know we should.

5..4..3..2..1.. is the tool, you can use to interrupt your brain pathways from travelling down the habitual path and to be re-directed into a new controlled thought.  Five seconds, can change your mood and your day, do it regularly and it will change your life.  Do yourself the biggest favour and make the choice to watch this 50 min video, and let me introduce you to Mel Robbins, an amazing woman, with an inspiring story.

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